Chiel Versteeg

Marketing Professional

About me

a quick introduction

Hello, I’m Chiel, Marketing Professional. I love datadriven online marketing, but never los sight of offline channels. I’ve experience in coming up with, and implementing, B2B and B2C marketing strategies. I prefer being involved with everything when setting up a campaign – from the e-mail campaign and automated follow ups, tot the design of the landingpage, all the way to the copy of the Google ad. In short, I prefer a holistic vision on the customer journey. Important, as customer experience and satisfaction are of the utmost imporance in the era of social proof.

My experience comes from campaigns done for branding and brand recognition, but primarily from e-commerce. I’ve worked for all sorts of products and services, in several sectors: financial services, construction industry, conultancy, media and FMCG. This helps me look at problems in a different way, avoiding the ‘we’ve always done it like this’ trap. I love strategic thinking, but want to implement properly as well – and be able to correct course when necessary. 


Chiel Versteeg
16 augustus 1989
+31 6 49 66 21 11


Campaign strategy
(Agile) projectmanagement
Marketing Automation (SF Marketing Cloud / Pardot / Hubspot / Ternair)
HTML / CSS basics
Wordpress / Joomla! / Drupal / Custom Laravel
Google Analytics / GA4
SEA & Display
Adobe Creative Cloud/Suite


digital marketeer

Tony’s Chocolonely

At Tony’s, my title is ‘Master Control’. I’m responsible for nearly all online channels, with the exception of social media. I focus on communicating Tony’s mission and selling chocolate through our online chocoshop. I’m responsible for taking the online experience to the next level – optimizing content and copy, and thinking of and implementing new online propositions. For example, we’ve added the possibility to add a card to your order, as well as a full blown chocolate subscription. Important for Tony’s are the  ‘Global Impact Campaigns’ – international campaigns that are aimed at raising the brand- and issue awareness of Tony’s and the problems in the chocoalte industry. With these campaigns, I work through the whole customer journey; designing the landing page, the e-mail and marketing automation, all the way to the SEA or display campaign. I direct the local marketeers in our most important markets to add local nuances and launch the campaign smoothly.

Brand / Marketing Manager


Responsible for all branding, marketing and ecommerce activities concering the Vakmedianet brands PW. and Arbo. Marketing of information products and services of the HR and H&S publications; subscriptions to on- and offline publications, books, courses and events. Core was to launch hypertargeted campaigns with a high conversion rate. This was possible through careful segmenation, made possible by the excellent systems at Vakmedianet. I was responsible for: e-mail autmoation, design and copy of landing pages and directing SEA. Next to product specific campaigns we ran branding campaigns, as well as about 12 newsletters a week for a range of publications. These were used to market products and services to a wider audience as well. Being a publisher, I ran campaigns to sell our ad space to third parties too. On a strategic level, I was responsible for repositioning PW., developing and launching a new online subscription for HR-amangers, implementing the customer satisfaction / NPS scoring as well as setting up retention campaigns for subscribers.

Marketing Manager

Payper | de vaste waarde in flexibel werk

Responsible for the marketing departement at Payper. Repositioned the brand and developed a new corporate identity. Designed the new website. Developed a multichannel leadgenerating strategy whilst reducing and optimizing touchpoints in the sales- and onboarding processes.

Online Marketing & Business Development Consultant

Node1 - the digital boutique

Lean- en Business-Canvas consultancy focussed on disruptive ideas. Developing and executing online marketing strategy for our clients, including SEA, SEO & content creation. Creating and implementing online& offline campaigns, applications, websites. (Agile) Projectmanagement of website & app-builds.

Online Marketing & Communications Manager

Saint-Gobain - Isover / Gyproc

Online Marketing & Communications Manager. Responsible for all Saint-Gobain Isover & Saint-Gobain Gyproc online marketing channels including websites, social media channels & campaigns. Developed leadgenerating multichannel campaigns. Implemented SEA strategy, SEO optimized various corporate & campaign websites.

UX Researcher


Researcher and ‘founding partner’ of the Rabobank Gamification Hub. As a researcher I advised the bank on the implementation of new interaction- and designpatterns for the User Experience Centre, as well as the ethical design of persuasive technology.


Master of Arts

New Media & Digital Culture

The Master New Media & Digitale Culture studies new mediatechnologies in their social, cultural and political context, using a multidisciplinary approach. Methods and perspectives from mediastudies, communications, marketing, sociology, political science and law are used. Graduated on the ethical design and implementation of persuasive technologies. Masterthesis was rewarded with an 8.

Bachelor of Arts

New Media

Language and Culture studies is a multidisciplinary course aimed at students with a broad interest and capacity to self-learn. The curriculum is directed by the student. In the second year, students pick a central theme to organize their studies and courses around. For me, this was New Media, choosing to study the use and impact of mediatechnologies on society and vice versa. The bachelorthesis was rewarded with an 8,5.

Managed brands


  • Analytical
  • Creative
  • Communicative
  • Resultdriven
  • Decisive


English fluent
Dutch fluent


  • Sports
  • Reading
  • Music / DJ
  • Travel
  • Gaming
  • Film